We at Bing({'})h ask why the word prude encompasses the word rude and why is there no middle ground? We strive to break taboos surrounding the vulva that still exist in this day and age, hoping to foster a healthy body image for young and old alike. There should be no place for body shaming in contemporary society, no space for controversial comments in the media that result in shame and anxiety among those affected.

The Bing({'})h game serves as an exciting opportunity for all of us to realise that the physical appearance of each vulva is yonique with shape and size varying. We're committed to proclaiming the naked truth that no idealised version of the vulva images become a liability (or labiability) to a healthy body image. No one should be reduced to a pawn in the porn industry. Enough of the body shaming! We believe change is pussy-ble!

For the purpose of promoting a healthy body image, artist Simone Orgel designed her version of Bingo. Featuring an international variety of nicknames for the vulva, the interactive art project has become a source of reference and inspiration for old and young alike. Through playful education, Bing({'})h wants to break existing taboos surrounding the vulva in order to prevent body shaming and resulting mental health conditions.

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Let's Talk About abalones, octopuses, cats and courgettes! What do they have in common? That’s right! They’re all creative expressions for the vulva! How so? All of the above are nicknames for "vagina", or to be more precise, "vulva". The vagina is only one of many important parts of the female organ. Didn't know that? Neither did Bing({'})h's inventor Simone Orgel before she started on her exciting expedition through the wonderful world of vulvas. Today, she hopes to share her explorative adventures with all you marvelous Vulverines out there. ...more

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