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What do abalone, butterfly, pussycat & zucchini have in common? The vulva!

Huh? All of them are nicknames for *vagina*, or to be more precise, the vulva. Bing({‚})h tries to reveal the great variety of nicknames for the vulva depending on region, language and country. If you are not intrigued already, imagine how much more fun it will be to learn all expressions through play!

With the help of LaLotería³, the mexican version of the game Bingo, Bing({‚})h found the perfect means to explore the vulva world!

Vulvas & penises are as different as faces and many people, don’t seem to know that. Bing({‚})h as well as The Vulva World Map celebrates diversity and want to cordially invite you to this party!

Urgent appeal!

Each international nickname becomes one playing card and 54 cards become Bing({‚})h – the Vulva Bingo. Help Bing({‚})h search for more vulva nicknames to first create a Vulva Bingo and then – on a long run – the Vulva World Map!

There is only one rule: Bing({‚})h admires vaginas (and Schniedelwutz² , too, of course, but let’s focus on one genital at a time) – therefore it’s all about affectionate nicknames!

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Foto credits: AlexCovarrubias CC BY-SA 2.0

² Have a look: http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Schniedelwutz

Listen to: https://www.howtopronounce.com/german/schniedelwutz/