Vulva World Map

Vulvas & penises are as different as faces and many people, don’t seem to know that. Bing({‚})h as well as the Vulva World Map are celebrating diversity and want to cordially invite you to this party!

Urgent appeal!
Each international nickname becomes one playing card and 54 cards become Bing({‚})h – the Vulva Bingo.

Thanks you so much for your great support & all those interesting names, which I am painting one after another. However, we’re not there yet: Help Bing({‚})h search for more vulva nicknames to first create a Vulva Bingo and then – on a long run – the Vulva World Map (in programming learn process ^_^)!

Plz share your knowledge & send / tweet Bing({‚})h your local Vulva nickname:

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Until programming learn process is finished, plz find a regularly updated list of the beautiful names we learned so far #VivaLaVulva #VivaLosGenitales #MoreInfoLessBullshit <3:

Country NAME original English Similar in
Norwegen (ei) mus, musa mouse
Norwegen – (ei) dås, dåsa Some kind of box, it’s an old word for it, in elder days the box the men put their chew tobacco in was called dåse,
Norwegen – (en) blomst, blomsten flower
Croatia Krafnica donut
Croatia dagnjica Blue mussle Croatia, Chile, France, Argentina
Croatia školjkica
Croatia kokica chicken Poland, Croatia
Slovenia Muca cat Slovenia, USA, France, Germany, GB, Ukraine
Slovenia Krapek freshwater fish
Slovenia Lulika Not sure… help needed :)!
Germany Muschi cat Slowenia, USA, France, Germany, GB, Ukraine
Hongkong 鮑魚 abalone
UKRAINE КИЦЯ cat Slovenia, USA, GB, France, Germany, Ukraine
Rajasthan, Indien  नारंगी की पॉ Orange Slice
France Chatte cat Slovenia, USA, GB, France, Germany, Ukraine
France Moule Blue mussel Croatia, Chile, France, Argentina
Great Britain Muff muff
Great Britain Pussy cat Slovenia, USA, France, Germany, GB, Ukraine
POLAND  Pusia Does not have exact meaning, but it is something sweet and you would like to hug it 
POLAND  Muszla= seashell, and “sowa,” or owl.  
POLAND  Cipa (cipka,cipeczke, cipunie, cipcie) hen Poland, Croatia
ISRAEAL, Hebrew נרתיק Pouch 
USA Pussy cat Slovenia, France,
Germany, GB, USA, Ukraine
Japan ビラビラ  butterfly
Japan タコ octopus
Japan われめちゃん sweet crack / crack-chan
Taiwan 妹妹  Ma ma = vagina (> BiBi“ & for guy is „GiGi „)
Mexico panochita ear
Mexico Chango Monkey
Portugal papaja Papaja
Portugal Pomba Pidgeon
Cuba papaja Papaja
Armenia Chinne – little vulva (very close to witch)
Not defined: Arabic
 كوسة  Zucchini
Klingon woS Lips
Sanskrit // India, Nepal, Hinduism
योनि Yoni
Bulgarien слива plum
Chile concha Blue mussel Croatia, Chile, France, Argentina
Argentina concha Blue mussel Croatia, Chile, France, Argentina
Italy patata potato

Found thx to the very much missed xx_xy_theproject

India कटोरा bowl xx_xy_theproject
Panama Araña Spider xx_xy_theproject
Nicaragua Bicho Bug xx_xy_theproject
Estonia Mätas Sod xx_xy_theproject
Switzerland Schnägg Snail
Serbia Pista Street
Macedonia Печка // Pečka Oven

The Vulva World Map is suppose to be an interactive map which shows all gathered names for the specific region. Besides fun Vulva World Map supports the value of diversity of all genders and aims to make the diversity visible in a fun way #AllGenitalsRgeniusGenitals .

In our imagination and as soon as our programming learning process developed Vulva World Map is going to look like the wonderful Watercolor map by Stamen Design, under CC BY 3.0 Data by Open Street Map under CC BY SA.

You are experienced with Maps and you like the idea? Help is very, very much welcomed!