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We are revising the website to make sure that not only all the beautiful Vulva nicknames can be displayed in a beautiful way & the Vulva World Map will really work interactively in the future, but also to create a blog that shares everything we know & that you may be able to contribute, too. Until then, please find here a news section.



Find out more about Bing({‘})h’s artist thanks to wonderful people from SomoS Arthouse on the occasion of our exhibition there in 2017.
Since then, we were able to collect around 160 vulva nicknames from all over the world which you can find here. And the Call is on: Help Bing({‚})h search for more vulva nicknames to first create a Vulva Bingo and the Vulva World Map!

Even though we are still missing so many more, particularly from the African continent, we are getting closer to the very first BingO({‘})h game edition, which – yes!yes!yes! can be played.

You are wondering how to play the vulva bingo? Have a look at Bing({‘})h’s premiere at the cuntastic Fusion ’19 ConTent with our session on the occasion of the release of Foucault’s fourth volume of the History of Sexuality: Fun. Fuck. Fusion. And Foucault Revisited.„. We also spoke with the wonderful QDeWe – Die Kunst der Weltverbesserung team about sexuality, about the aims to reduce the taboos and paradoxes surrounding the depiction of female sexuality (in German). Give it a listen here.

Some places, art pieces & everything else we love & would highly recommend:
  • If you like to get a glimpse in #Vulva diversity, see Jamie Mc Cartney’s „The Great Wall of Vagina„* (which should be called Vulva, he knows <3 :)) as well as The Vulva Gallery by the wonderful Hilde Atalanta.
  • For a better understanding of biological composition, see Laura Méritt with their „Frauenkörper neu gesehen
  • If you’d like to understand the history of female sexuality + you rather like pictures than text, this is we were so enthusiastic about: Liv Strömquist  graphic novelDer Ursprung der Welt
  • Let’s stick with graphic novels & genital knowledge: Erika Moen is such a genius artist & knowledge center with her Oh Joy Sex Toy series – did you know that the female / male genital are the same in the beginning? Have a look how it develops thanks to Erika.
  • If you’d like to read some honest stories about sex/sexuality, we’d recommend the fun, touching, wonderful Stumbling On Sexuality
  • You want to give it a try to draw a/your vulva by yourself? YAY! Do it, The Guardian provides this opportunity digitally
  • Not only being such a beautiful piece of art to watch, but also being so on point how the misunderstandings of the clitoris evolved – on point in several ways <3: Le clitoris – Animated Documentary (2016) by Lori Malépart-Traversy
  • The Guardian’s „Vagina Dispatches by @MonaChalabi & @MaeRyan provides knowledge about your genital on a up-to-date basis
  • Masturbation. Such a topic, a summary in short: YES! Here are some reasons for you thanks to Alexandra Jamieson and her article „10 Wicked Reasons You Should Be Masturbating More Often
  • For everyone who wants to find interesting people for a easy chat &/ is interested in tools, workshops: In Berlin you’re lucky to find the incredible inspiring Other Nature Sexshop and Sexclusivitäten. In Hamburg there is the freshly founded Fuck Yeah Sex Shop
  • You would like to know more about stimulating a/your vulva without going to a workshop? Sure! We haven’t tried it, but you might like to check out: OMGYES
  • If you’re intersted in Sex IRL & practise, Cindy Gallop’s session during re:publica 2012 – still – inspires us.

Last but not least (we’ll update the info regularly & hopefully with a freshly baked website soonish <3): If you’re rather a song person, this are two we found wonderfully funny: Unten Rum and the wonderful Amanda Palmer & The Young Punx – Map of Tasmania 8ft. Records