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Why the need to censor vulvas? Is there nothing ladylike about our bits? We literally beg to differ! Pun absolutely intended!

Here are a just few more projects that excite us that we want to share with you. We always welcome new cuntent!

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Here are some more great takes on vulvas by artists and authors and other vulva sexperts:


Let's Talk About abalones, octopuses, cats and courgettes! What do they have in common? That’s right! They’re all creative expressions for the vulva! How so? All of the above are nicknames for "vagina", or to be more precise, "vulva". The vagina is only one of many important parts of the female organ. Didn't know that? Neither did Bing({'})h's inventor Simone Orgel before she started on her exciting expedition through the wonderful world of vulvas. Today, she hopes to share her explorative adventures with all you marvelous Vulverines out there. ...more

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