What is it about?

Celebrating what Unites us All: Our Diversity.

It's cuntastic to realize how many wonderful people devote themselves lovingly, creatively, humorously to the topic of sexuality, self-love and self-determination. A wonderful spectrum, which we want to bring together. And you are invited to join us on a journey of discovery!

On February 14 2021 from 4-8pm it's Viva La Vulva & Penes Valentine's Day time! We will awaken the internet to experience & explore empowerment together. And you are very much invited to join us in our cozy warm Valentine's living room!

What's waiting for you

  • DigitalCulture: And by that we mean community. For those who like. We offer you opportunities to meet, exchange, try out, look at and participate. But of course you can also just be in the middle of it all by yourself and take a seat in the virtual living room or stroll on the roof terrace. Come join us on a journey of discovery.
  • ART: From Love Languages to international vulva nicknames, from & with Glassvulvas (opens new window) to Bing({'})h
  • Poetry & Writing: Dressing Sexes in Poetry with Philipp, diving into the wonderful worlds of vulva wisdom with Bethany The Sassy Show (opens new window) and walking with Jens & Inga to Erregung Öffentlicher Freude (opens new window)
  • Discovering: Biology, sports, art, virtual vastness - in a nutshell: lots!
  • Exchange Cosy chatting by the fireplace or little speeches in the kitchen corner.
  • Bar Camp: At the living room's bar you can place your topics and spontaneously enter your contribution into the floating timetable. You already have an idea? Sure, with pleasure! Enter it here (opens new window) or find it at the bar
  • Music: Listen or warble along, it's time for [Music for Love & Peace]
  • Flying Carpet: Cosy market from the hallway to the bedroom - offering creations, showing invented things, demonstrating made things.

Programme mjamm

A few programme tidbits in advance

"Das Jungfernhäutchen gibt es nicht" by Oliwia Hälterlein {DE | Workshop} Achtung: *Oliwia's Workshop startet bereits um 14 Uhr & ihr müsst euch hier (opens new window) vorab direkt bei ihr anmelden, bevor wir uns mit ihr & euch in unserem virtuellen Valentine's Wohnzimmer treffen.

The Sassy Sound of Poem by Bethany, The Sassy Show (opens new window) **{EN | Poetry} Bethany bring you a touch of Sassi! Hi, I'm an artist and public performer, forever finding ways to uncensor my body and embrace the wonders of my womanhood. I'll be bringing you some good old body-positive, Sassy stories celebrating the ins and outs of pleasure town (aka, the vulva 😃)

Love Languages by Let's Talk (opens new window) {DE | Austausch} Die Fünf Sprachen der Liebe ist ein Begriff der Paartherapie. Er bezieht sich auf fünf verschiedene Beziehungssprachen, die in Partnerschaften gelebt werden und die für ein "Sich-geliebt-Fühlen" verantwortlich sind. Ihr wollt mehr wissen? Kommt vorbei!

Dating mit Corona byLet's Talk (opens new window) {DE | Talk} Eine kleine feine, offene Diskussionsrunde über die Veränderungen der Datingwelt durch die Corona Pandemie / Onlinedating

1x1 der Sextoys by sexOlogisch (opens new window)& Let's Talk (opens new window) {DE | Talk} Wir zeigen euch Toys, und erklären in einer kleinen Session, wofür die Toys sinnvoll sind. Dazu gibt es natürlich eine kleine Anatomiestunde 😄

Beckenboden - ein unterschätzter Sexualmuskel by sexOlogisch (opens new window) {DE | Workshop} Ich zeig euch ein paar praktische Übungen, die eure Wahrnehmung in der Sexualität verändern werden. Bequeme Klamotten sind von Vorteil!

Fotzüglich, it's Bing({'})h Time! Let's play Vulva Bingo! by Bing({'})h (opens new window) {DE/EN | Game} Bing({'})h spielt Mensch wie Bingo. Nur eben in Fotzüglich. Freut Euch auf eine interaktive Entdeckungsreise in die Welt der internationalen Vulva-Kosenamen.

Stay tuned for s'more to cum 😄




Entry is free of charge! If you enjoy yourself as much as we hope you will, we would appreciate a contribution of your choice towards our expenses.

What you should share with us:

We are committed to diversity in an open society. Along the way we try to be as barrier-free as possible. We are creating a virtual living room that invites you to explore. It goes without saying that no one should be discriminated on the basis of age, gender, appearance, sexual orientation, physical or mental impairment, skin colour, origin or religion. If you share this heartbeat with us, you are exactly right.

The rules are just like in a real life living room party: Everyone brings something to eat and drink, everyone can come and go as they please, you can stand around or settle down, sink into the sofa or chat in the kitchen doorway, get wasted at the bar or disappear through the back door without saying goodbye - WG party style. And best of all: Come as you are {please dress 😄}, no stress with the dresscode.

Heartbeat: check! Be there? OMG, yes yes!

You want to be part of the Viva La Vulva & Penes Valentine's Day? Weeeelcome and come on in, here's the registration:

Why register? And how does it continue? We will send you your access link via your email address on Feb 14, shortly before we open our virtual living room. We will also send you a short description of how to get there, so that you arrive smoothly ❤️.

We cunt wait to meet you!

Hello! What a pleasure to meet you!

We are the people behind this initial spark and experiment. Why? Because we are keen on creating heartfelt places with our digital experiences and needs. And because we want digital culture ❤️! From concert streams to participatory theatre, there is currently a wonderful variety on the web, only one thing is often missing: community. That's why we're researching and experimenting with transforming formats into communal experiences. We want digital culture and culture in the digital world - together, at the same time.

DigitalKultur.club is on the horizon 😄

SneakPeakPreview - Our next topics are:

  • Starry Hours on the Carpet (planetarium visit, sharing the best moments of the past week, craft workshop).
  • Night at the Museum (museum visit with introduction to artist and theme)
  • Headbanging & Bed Hanging (music in text and more)
  • Couchpotatoes (cooking recipes, reading to each other, looking at photo albums, coffee table book table, movement training)

Do you want to find out more? Want to get involved? Write to us!

Ihr habt Lust bekommen mehr zu erfahren? Mitzugestalten? Schreibt uns!

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Let's Talk About abalones, octopuses, cats and courgettes! What do they have in common? That’s right! They’re all creative expressions for the vulva! How so? All of the above are nicknames for "vagina", or to be more precise, "vulva". The vagina is only one of many important parts of the female organ. Didn't know that? Neither did Bing({'})h's inventor Simone Orgel before she started on her exciting expedition through the wonderful world of vulvas. Today, she hopes to share her explorative adventures with all you marvelous Vulverines out there. ...more

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